Monday, 28 April 2014

Tips For Clear Skin!

If you are having troubles with acne or just simply want to brighten and even your complexion than just follow these easy tips and you'll be sure to notice a difference in your skin in no time! These tips have helped me over the duration of my skin clearing up, so I wouldn't be sharing them with you all if  I knew they were only a myth.


Keeping your skin hydrated is what I think is most important to keeping your skin looking good! Don't think that drying out your skin does anything but cause more breakouts due to unhealthy skin. So make sure that you are moisturising morning and night after applying serums and cleansing (whatever your routine consists of).  A moisturiser does wonders as it holds in all the products you have applied to your face. 

Inside Out

Healthy skin starts from taking care of your insides first. Once you start this process you'll start to see results through your skin almost instantly. Simple things like drinking lots of water and obtaining a healthy diet is some of the easy ways to have you and your skin looking and feeling healthy. Staying away from greasy foods and alcohol is an obvious when it comes to staying healthy.

Mineral Makeup

The type of makeup products you are using on your skin is yet another major possibility to your skin breaking out. 99% of foundations (not including mineral) clog your pores which is the leading cause to zits forming. Applying a mineral foundation and powder to your face allows your skin to breathe

Stay Clear of Bacteria

As bacteria is the main cause to pimples forming, here are a few tips and tricks to stay clear of bacteria.
- Don't go touching your face with dirty hands through the day and make sure to wash your hands before starting your skincare routines.
- Changing your pillow cases every now and again can really help with your skin as a lot of dirt from your face or hands, and wherever the pillow has been can transfer onto your skin.
- Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is really important as dust and old makeup can sit in the bristles of the brush.


It has been scientifically proven that dairy products such as milk, cheese, yoghurts, etc are prone to causing breakouts. If you have been noticing your skin breaking out, try cut back on the dairy products and test it out for yourself and see wether you notice a difference in your skin clearing up.

Don't pick

This was (and still is) a big one for me as I always used to pick at my face which I know was a hugely bad habit. I know it can be tempting to try and get rid of a new whitehead that has come up over night, but its really important that you try your hardest not to touch it. Once you pop a pimple, the white head not only bursts up out of the skin, but it also pops under the skin which spreads the bacteria. Almost always after popping a pimple, a new pimple will form around the same area where the bacteria from the last pimple (that you popped) was.
However you can get rid of the whitehead hygienically by applying a hot sponge over the area to soften the blemish. After a minute or two you can then grab a tissue and gently swipe over the white head, or you can get the tissue over two fingers and slowly try to bring the head to the surface. Its really important that you do these steps with clean hands!


incorporating an exfoliator into your skincare routine at least once a week is important as it gets rid of dead skin cells that are laying on the upper surface of your skin. Exfoliating creates a smoother surface for applying makeup products and also skincare products are able to get deeper within the skins surface as there are no dead skin cells trapping its path. If you have pigmentation, acne, or just want a brighter complexion, use an exfoliator ladies!