Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Current Fave Beauty Products!

MUK Thermal Protector
Benefit Gimme Brow (Light/Medium)
Australis Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder (Natural)
Chi Chi Eye Brightener
Loreal True Match Foundation (N3)
Savvy by DB Cheek Balm (heavenly highlight)
OPI Nail Lacquer ("it's a doozi, says Suzi")
Loreal Fasle Lash Wings Mascara

All products mentioned have been my 'go too' beauty products for a while now. Some have been my second repurchase however also contains new products that I haven't tried before which I am really excited about sharing with you all!

I have never been one to use a heat protecting spray on my hair (which is really bad). I had recently discovered the Muk Thermal Protector when I received the Muk Curl Stick Set which included 3 different sized curling wands, a leave in hair treatment and the thermal protector spray. (A review of the curling set is coming soon as well as an in depth hair care routine!) I have definitely noticed a difference in my hair by the way the style lasts throughout the day and also helps control fix and static by humidity. I love using this product, it smells really nice and fresh, and it ensures that my hair is no longer getting damaged by heat after so many years of it not being protected. Can also be used on damp hair before blow drying for the same effect.

After so long of looking for a new brow product to update my routine, I'd had my eyes on the Benefit Gimme Brow for quite a while, so I thought it was time to purchase and see what all they hype was about. I'm not going to give too much of my thoughts away as a review is coming very soon! But wow.. definitely worth all the rave. (Stay tuned for the review coming very soon!)

The Australis Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder is a holy grail product which you have probably already seen in previous posts. The finish, the feel on your face and the lasting power is simply  amazing. It's been my second time repurchasing and I can assure you that it's going to be in my collection for a very long time!

The Chi Chi Eye Brightener Pencil is the perfect 2 in 1 combo used as an eyebrow highlight, inner tear duct highlight and a perfect flesh tone for the waterline. The pencil includes a matt pencil used for the waterline and a shimmer side used for highlighting. I use this product every single day to make me look more awake and fresh looking and I don't know what else to say! It is a dupe for the Benefit's High Brow Pencil so if your looking for a cheaper alternative but just as good, definitely check out the Chi Chi Eye Brightener as well as other Chi Chi products.

To see a full review on the L'oréal True Match Foundation CLICK HERE.

Walking through Priceline I saw a cardboard stand with products by Savvy selling for $3! Of course this caught my eye and had to have a look. The first thing i picked up was this 'cheek balm' highlighter in the colour 'heavenly highlight'. The colour is a light pink with a golden undertone.. absolutely stunning! The formula is creamy and easy to blend and gives a stunning natural glow to the cheek bones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow, and also for the inner tear duct to brighten the eyes.

A perfect nail colour for all those in Autumn is the OPI's 'It's a doozi, says Suzi'. A perfect dark red with a slight hint of purple undertone. OPI nail polishes are high quality and i found dries really quickly. Please excuse the sloppy application in the photographs shown below, but they give you an accurate idea of how the colour looks after 3 coats.

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