Wednesday, 19 March 2014

How to: Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes!

Cleaning your brushes regularly is really important in terms of hygiene and keeping your skin clean and clear of any germs and bacteria causing you to break out. If you notice your skin is all of a sudden breaking out, check the last time you washed your brushes and most likely it will be the cause if not washed over 2-3 months ago.

This is an antibacterial hand soap that I use to clean my brushes with. I don't always use this specific brand just any hand soap I have,  you can even use washing detergent, or other appropriate cleaning product.

Start off by dampening the brush head under warm water, making sure not to get water above the bristles where the handle starts as this will ruin your brush.

Pump some soap onto the top of the brush (not having the brush up right for too long as the water will run down the brush and loosen the glue).

Rub the brush over the palm of your hand in different motions. The Crevices of your fingers will  make sure the brush is really being cleaned deep within bristles and all product is coming out.

After you can see no colouring of makeup washing out onto your hand and your sure your brush is squeaky clean, push the bristles together and squeeze as much water from the brush as you can.

Then place your clean brushes up right onto a hand towel or clothe so the excess water runs straight out of the brushes. Note: Laying your brushes off the side of a bench or basin, the water can run back into the brush, which can settle and ruin your brushes. The glue holding the bristles together can loosen and hairs can fall out. For long lasting brushes it is best to sit them up right (as shown above) so the water can drain properly. When spending money on quality brushes, you want to treat them properly and care for them.